Dance Class Descriptions

dance_1Lily and Alicia Backstage


All of our dance classes are taught by excellent instructors in a positive, fun, and energetic learning environment.  We offer classes in these styles of Dance:


We offer ballet classes at every level, including pointe, as well as a performing company.  This program is directed and taught by Thomas and Jennifer Hanner of Hanner Ballet.  Please see the separate ballet class schedule for all class information.


Jazz dance classes will start with a warm-up involving stretching and isolations. For center work, emphasis is placed on rhythm as well as basic technique, locomotion skills, and coordination.   It is highly recommended that Intermediate and Advanced jazz dancers also take ballet class as it is the basis of the movement and terminology of jazz dance.

Musical Theater Dance

This class is designed for theatre students to learn a combination of musical theater dance, ballet technique, jazz, and multiple Broadway styles. 

Hip Hop

This energetic class uses a fun mix of music and teaches dancers hip-hop movements, musicality, and technique while also working on rhythm, precision, and muscle memory.


This is a modern dance form which fuses modern dance, jazz, and ballet. This form is often referred to as contemporary dance. It requires excellent technique to perform, as the moves are often difficult and precise. Moreover, the dancer should be aware of his or her facial expressions while dancing


Students will get introduced to basic gymnastic skills like tumbling, climbing, rolling, hand support skills, and balancing.  They will also work on general physical fitness skills, such as stretching, strengthening exercises, and eye hand coordination.


Tap dance enables a dancer to create a percussive sound with their feet.  Beginner class is devoted to keeping simple rhythms, dancing to the beat of the music, and staying together as a group.  The Intermediate class includes added emphasis on technique, body placement, terminology, history and further development of simple rhythms.  The Advanced tap class will focus much more on clarity of sounds, creating and understanding rhythms, increasing speed and developing style. Previous training required. 

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 Ballroom Dance

Group and private instruction, Wedding preparation, Studio Rental, and Dance parties.

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