Ballet Class Description

     Group Brahms Pose Kneeling



Ballet classes at NJGT .  Ballet classes stress correct placement (body alignment), and correct classical ballet technique.  Classes will focus on the classical ballet positions and terminology, port de bras (arm and head positioning), posture, balance, self-discipline, grace, and self-confidence.

       Ballet is considered to be the basis of all other dance forms, therefore it helps students to become stronger and more well-rounded dancers.  Class level is determined by the instructor and is based on an individual assessment when the student takes a trial class.

      Pointe is an advanced form of ballet technique requiring specialized shoes that allow the dancer to go onto their toes.  Pointe classes are offered to students by teacher recommendation only.  Pointe students are required to take a minimum of two days a week of ballet classes, as well as attending the summer session of classes if they plan to continue pointework in the following school year.



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